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Snapshot of a dream. Part three.

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I have been here before: I know it. I am at the top of a wooden pathway that is suspended. Behind me there is another part of the dream that will build itself out of the ground if I go there. If I walk down I will come to a house that is made of the same wooden planks I am standing on and beyond that – something – and then a wood.

I walk down to the house. I have made this journey before; I know how the wood feels on my bare feet and the air hasn’t changed; it smells the same: clean and empty. At the house I rise onto my toes, push my chin up and try to see through the windows. They are, of course they are, caked with dust and it makes it hard to breathe as I peer in closer.

There is no one here. I am alone but not afraid. Cold but that is all. I don’t want to get in the house, I just hoped somebody would be inside. But there’s no one here and I knew that anyway. There’s no one anywhere; I could walk backwards and forwards, up and down the wooden planks, through this dream all night and I would never find anybody.

My dreams are made not just of what I find in them but in the gaps in between: the things I am always searching for, the bits I don’t understand. I return to make sense of it. And I will keep returning.


Written by elikafm

February 10, 2010 at 9:42 am

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