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Chemical change

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The coach arrives and you bound on, hands sweaty and clasped, eyes shining. You skip up the stairs to the front in time with your first waves of sweet, puppy love. Sitting, you laugh out towards the view, your arms about each other. These moments are made for breathing in, the memories, the things that build beginnings.

I watch the coach pull away and realise I didn’t kiss you goodbye. I forgot to remind you of the list of things, the secrets I told you and wanted you not to forget. But the sun opens out and lays down its rays. I look across the street and see a man standing, propped against a wall and watching me too. He smiles, pushes himself forward and walks across the street towards me. He steps into focus and I can see who he is. A chance meeting, a chemical change, he has come to find me.

You came back.

I did. Who were those people?

I turn to see the coach disappearing ’round a corner and smile after it. Those people are good people, I say. They are in love.

That’s nice.

It is.

We are in love, too.

We are.

We start to laugh, spontaneous from our bellies and then we lock bodies and you kiss deep into me before we turn to walk towards the rest of our day.


Written by elikafm

March 21, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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