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The shape of you

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I have carried your frame, taller than mine, inside me for months. You have stretched out of me and broken my skin. I cling around your bones like a frayed suit; too short at the wrist, torn lose at the ankle. I am trying to walk forward like this, pulling my lop-sided limbs into something close to rhythm. But bones rattle unfixed in their sockets; a series of grasping connections that click and slip against each other.

Walking in a park my friend tells me that it is only when you or I find new love that we will be ok again: the skin will heal and the tears will fuse. How can that be? I say. How can I begin when this has not ended. He shrugs. But it can’t end, he says, if nothing else has begun.

My head aches and I turn so I can’t hear. I will keep you safe, I say, and I curl my ridiculous body around yours inside me and I will never let you go.


Written by elikafm

April 4, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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