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I have nothing to write tonight, though I’ve typed lots of words and, unhappy with their order and rhythm and cargo, I rearranged them twenty times or more. In every sentence something was missing; a word I may not use or won’t. The letters left clank clanked against each other, the lines rubbed unhappy in their beds like peas grown too close and what they need is some space or some sun or anything more nutritional than this gasping squeeze.

Look! Here is a space for you to imagine the things I cannot say, the dropped moments, the names and facts squeezed out to leave only fiction; the lines left incomplete on dry pages or is that moist lips: kissed away or just erased for some other time when we are stronger to hear them.

You are in this gap, between the time you can and the time you can’t. And my head is hurting now but your hands are about my face and something changes in the speed of body and we are more urgent and will kiss more deeply. Between this breathe drawn sharply in and this ache, between this word and that hope, I know that I could fall far and hard, grasping as I do to the most and least of you. I roll back in and keep myself safe in the only way I can now: I open my mouth to show you that your heart’s there too. And then I leave and step into the sun.


Written by elikafm

April 17, 2010 at 11:38 am

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