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Bumble bee

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We sit on the top of the building with our shoes and socks off. We place them neatly beside us, rest back on our elbows and wiggle our toes against the blue evening sky and the clumps and lines of buildings before us. The sun flashes and slips down the over sized office windows, like glue or some such and I roll cigarettes, and listen to you hum the last few lines of the song that was playing in the car before we climbed up here.

Someone has planted a garden around the edge of the roof. We can’t imagine who tends it, but there are bumble bees, heavy with nectar and hovering about the lavender and flowers that the kind gardener has left for them. One of them flies separately from the rest and when we look closely we can see he doesn’t have the same markings as the others or, indeed, any bumble bee we’ve seen before. This one has no black marks; it’s just yellow. Yellow like the sun or the stamen in the flowers it haunts. This bumble bee with it’s slow hmmm and fat body is our favourite: a small lone traveller bouncing against petals and stalks.


Written by elikafm

April 18, 2010 at 1:35 am

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