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We sat on a platform that strode out into the river. Around the edge was a railing cut into with words, a poem if you linked them together, but as strong if you read them apart. I took a photo of you under a piece that read ‘gorgeous’, and when we got back home we cut and stuck together the pieces from our holiday. We were stronger together, we knew, than we had ever been apart. And this was a way of showing it off, or showing it to each other, perhaps.

We added that photograph in against a sheet of paper from the New York Times. The paper lay next to a ticket from an exhibition that we had found and blew our minds but we had walked through separately, partly because you could only really see it alone, and also because we rowed on the way there.

I think now of how we see things as we are and not as they truly exist; because I used to remember the day in the park, or the square when we, giddy, laughed until our stomachs hurt and aimed our cameras at each other and pushed the trigger over and over again. Now, bruised, I remember standing outside Grand Central Station, my heart in my mouth, wondering at the fool I had been.


Written by elikafm

April 24, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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