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Those shit quotations on fridge magnets

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There are a bunch of people in life who like a good quotation. You know, some saccharine bullshit emblazoned on a fridge magnet or mug or some such. People treat them as though they have the power to guide a better path through life; they imagine that without these lines about friends and love and hearts and teddy bears and some flippant prayer, you would not have the special code to make everything better.

Sure thing, people, it’s a fridge magnet, but ok. Whatever.

I shouldn’t be so mean: I guess the fridge magnet is fairly harmless; generally people don’t carry their kitchen white goods about with them so I can live my life fairly sure I won’t wander into one. Plus *that* sort of spam does seem to have depleted somewhat. Praise the Lord. (Check your fridge; if you’re a wanker there’s probably a magnet that suggests you do just that, but the Lord is a Forever Friends bear hugging a heart.  Somewhere you’ll see that Clinton Cards suggests you melt the magnet into fifty pieces and send them to fifty friends who, I can assure you, wish you hadn’t. Don’t.)

The big problem is that by the time you’ve come to rely on the fridge magnet for emotional support, you’re probably on fairly rocky ground anyway. And, as if you couldn’t guess, this is where I find myself. Great big, fuck mighty boulders all over the place. And I’ve stopped walking and sat down and feel defeated but I’m trying to find a way not to be such a twat and, holy arse, I’ve turned to the quotation. Really I know I will be OK, even if I am a quotation dependent nobhead. I just properly wish I wasn’t – a nobhead, I mean.

Before I reveal my wordy crutches I shall elaborate on the situation. I’ve messed some stuff up, friends; my special gift is making things complicated. You can guarantee that if there’s a way I’ll find it:  I will love the wrong person, say the wrong thing, change my mind, push people away, pull them back, lose interest in things I should stay focused on, run from the people who could actually be kind and good to me. I’m having so much fun, I yell, but really my head hurts and my heart aches and I’m tired of this now.

It’s crazy because I’ve just had a big success and I felt really good but then life came ’round to visit and we got in a fight and before you know it I’m stretched on the floor wondering how in the name of arse I managed to fuck up once again. What exactly did I say?

So. There you have it. I’ve skirted some of the details because they’re just an overshare too far. And I’ve always been fairly light in the fact department. By the way, I *know* I’m dramatic; I’m made like that.  Suffice to say there’s nothing more likely to compound the absurdity of your situation than finding a quotation to narrate it, or indeed haul you out of it. With this kind of emotional insurance I’m fairly sure I’m fucked.

For what it’s worth, I’ve decided to share them with you. I want to write them on my hand, or face. I want to stitch them on to me and leave space for just one last one that says: you’ll be OK.

The first is from the lady Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you cannot do

I’m totally digging that. Because I’ve done it recently, more than once, and it’s been a good thing to do. You think you’re pulling it from nowhere but, in fact, it *is* you; it’s from you. And that’s a good thing.

The next is from Erica Jong. She says: And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

I’m thinking that might be some of the most awesome thinking ever. I’ve realised you can’t, with all the will in your heart, make anyone do what you want them to do. But you can do something yourself. So. A combination of these two ideas are gathering me in. And there’s not a Forever Friend monstrosity in sight. Shoulders back, kids. I’m going back in.


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April 28, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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