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If you remove my clothes you will see a gap in my body the shape of your hand. It’s right in the middle of my belly, your finger tips fanning out across my ribs, your palm across the curve and the soft. If you bend down you can peer into the hand shaped hole and see right through. You can see to the other side of me. A body shaped frame around whichever place is behind me. Or in front, if you look at it that way. This gap does not impede me; my organs continue to pull in, pump out, flatten, filter, build and break down. My heart, my battery, has not worn with the effort of firing a body less than it could be. I think, in fact, I am better for the difference, stretched stronger, perhaps. I am the shape of me now because of the shape of you.


Written by elikafm

May 5, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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