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When he stood

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When he stood up he showed us a picture, the very first picture of you when you were born. He told us that he had fallen in love  and his eyes sparkled. More pictures came: the dressing up and the walks and the achievements and parties and the plans. And with each came his story and the way he loved you.

When we were kids I remember him walking into the dining room where we were slurping spaghetti. He was lean and quiet and he carried a briefcase always and didn’t say too much. After he left you I remember the sleepovers and games and the new houses. I remember how much I loved your mother and how other kids who loved her would come ’round to find a way back to the ground. I never questioned where she got her strength, but she had it, and gave it to you.

When my grandfather left my mother, she and her sisters ran rings around him she told me and he, guilty, let them. You never did that. When he stood I wondered if he would know how amazing you are. Yes, he knew and he declared in his quiet manner that he was in wonder of the person you are. You were so beautiful that day.


Written by elikafm

June 22, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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