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Dear friend

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Dear Friend,

I am writing to you a line from home. Not a line on paper, ink or graphite or pixels on a page, but a line – a line a million miles long, over seas and sands, familiar and unfamiliar places – just a line, from here to there.

These words, placed one after the other, stretch out from where you sleep to where she lies, and I tie an end to your finger and the other her’s. This is the line to find your way home.

If you watch the line closely; if you hold your breath and crouch so that your eye is level, you will see the low pulse pulse of your hearts in time. You will see the tiny rise rise of your bodies as they breathe. You will hear the quiet hum hum of your brains as they whir towards each other.

This, friend, is the line that connects you to her. This is the line that will guide you back home.


Written by elikafm

October 31, 2010 at 12:39 am

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