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Imagine yourself to the outside

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I am standing in the clean white sweep of a faraway corridor. It is so quiet you can hear the thud of my blood; it is so quiet I can hear the rage and stretch of your swelled up heart. You are shut behind a door by machines that hiss and wheeze; and you don’t know it but she stands by you, held together somehow in the twice filtered air, stroking the back of her hand over your bare skin and opening her palm and resting it there.

Someone has put a stone in my throat and told me not to cry: Stand close enough to feel but not near enough to touch, and don’t cry. Open your mouth so I can twist the stone. So many of you here and each of you alone.

The colours I knew are washing away, running in rivers down by my feet. Left are muted shades, limp between the lines that separate this thing from that. There is no energy left; the batteries are flat, tight white knuckles begin to give. But they don’t let go; they hold on lightly nonetheless.

If, friend, your dreams may be lighter than the day you wake to: in time imagine yourself away from here. Imagine grass growing fast across these tiles, and the sky rolling glorious and blue out under the rude strip lighting. Imagine the sound of water not far from the bed; your boat knock knocking at the harbour and the wetted wood that will take you there. Imagine the trees growing up around you, and a cool breeze over your skin. Feel her standing next to you, as she stands now, looking out and ahead.

There are a thousand things I wish I could give you.


Written by elikafm

December 17, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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